Volleyball is a very fun sport that many girls enjoy playing. I do recommend playing volleyball in the future. It’s a great middle school experience. And even if the season doesn’t go well, the team work, and memories are worth the time. It’s a phenomenal sport.  Girls from the past middle school volleyball season definitely think so. Lucia Piecuch(7th Grade BRPS student) says, “The season went pretty well. But we aren’t perfect. We worked together and learned to do things as a team.”

The girls of the past season would recommend it to almost anyone. Friends, family member, and classmates. Riley Buikema from BRPS says that it’s a great opportunity to get fit and stay in shape. Rebecca Bradley has the same opinion. She says, “I would for sure recommend it to them. It’s fun, easy, and pretty much anyone can learn it. It’s gonna be easy for those who have done pretty much any sport.” And over all, the team did really well. Out of 11 games we won 7. Like Lucia said, no ones perfect. Volleyballs a great opportunity and privilege to have in school.