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Varsity Volleyball Falls to Wellspring

Despite a slow start and loss to Wellspring it was exciting to see the Lady Rats climbing out of their slump.  Energy, commitment, and better passing allowed our setters, Caroline McKnight and Sydra Timmer, to put up some great opportunities for our attackers especially Sierra Hole.  We saw great play all around with focus on reading the play and defending well, which kept Wellspring out of system and giving Black River a lot of free balls to set up.

Black River Varsity 2016 lost 0-3

Game 1:  8-25
Game 2:  18-25
Game 3:  16-25

Highlights for Black River Varsity 2016:

Lilly  Bentley: 6 Digs
Ana Brickley: 3 Kills, 7 Digs
Ania Dlugosz: 5 Kills, 1 Aces, 9 Digs
Caitlin Hearn: 4 Kills, 1 Blocks, 2 Digs
Sierra Hole: 7 Kills, 3 Aces, 1 Blocks, 2 Digs
Caroline McKnight: 1 Digs
Ellie Milanowski: 1 Aces, 1 Digs
Sydra Timmer: 1 Aces, 10 Digs
Ellarie Zylman: 1 Digs


Varsity Volleyball falls to Zion on Senior Night

Lady Rats had a disappointing loss to a strong offensive Zion team.Black River struggled defensively and could not set up their usual offense.  It was definitely an off day, for our girls.  Despite hardships the team kept fighting.

Match Drawn
Game 1:  18-25
Game 2:  14-25
Game 3:  17-25

Highlights for Black River Varsity 2016:
Lilly  Bentley: 1 Kills, 7 Digs
Ana Brickley: 2 Kills, 1 Aces, 5 Digs
Ania Dlugosz: 6 Kills, 6 Digs
Caitlin Hearn: 2 Kills, 1 Aces, 2 Digs
Sierra Hole: 2 Kills, 1 Aces, 2 Blocks, 3 Digs
Caroline McKnight: 1 Digs
Ellie Milanowski: 2 Aces, 4 Digs
Sydra Timmer: 4 Digs


Varsity Volleyball falls in tough 5 set match

It was a hard fought match at Black River this evening vs Algoma.
The lady rats have committed to a new starting line up and are still working out the kinks.
With 9 players on the roster we can use the strengths of each player.
The team is looking forward to the solid offense this change will bring.

Match Drawn
Game 1:  12-25
Game 2:  25-17
Game 3:  21-25
Game 4:  25-17
Game 5:  12-15

Highlights for Black River Varsity 2016:

Lilly  Bentley: 2 Kills, 19 Digs
Ana Brickley: 1 Kills, 1 Aces, 11 Digs
Ania Dlugosz: 18 Kills, 2 Aces, 1 Blocks, 18 Digs
Caitlin Hearn: 2 Aces, 1 Blocks, 7 Digs
Sierra Hole: 4 Kills, 2 Aces, 5 Blocks, 6 Digs
Caroline McKnight: 1 Blocks, 4 Digs
Ellie Milanowski: 3 Aces, 10 Digs
Sydra Timmer: 5 Kills, 1 Aces, 11 Digs
Ellarie Zylman: 2 Kills, 1 Aces, 1 Blocks, 3 Digs


Varsity soccer likes to share

The boys varsity soccer team defeated Heritage Christian on Tuesday 8-0.  7 of the 8 goals were assisted on with the 8th goal being a penalty kick.  "It was a great display of team soccer, we were looking for the best available option and that resulted in a lot of goals," head coach Kyle Lawton said following the game.  The win improves Black river to 7-1 in the Alliance League and 7-3 overall.  Tristan Porter lead the scoring attack with 3 goals while Cedric Porter and Cam Wilson had 2 goals each.  JP Fowler contributed a goal and an assist.  Chente Bickel had 3 assists.  Kent Schwartz, Noah Bonello, and Ein Joiner also had assists.  The Rats are in action again on Thursday against Algoma Christian at 5:15


Varsity Volleyball beats Heritage

Black River wins in 3 sets vs Kalamazoo Heritage Christian.
Our serving and passing allowed the offense to do its job.  It is a joy to Dee this team play together and keep the scoring momentum and mentality on the Black River side of the net.

Match Drawn

Game 1:  25-18
Game 2:  25-13
Game 3:  25-15

Highlights for Black River Varsity 2016:

Lilly  Bentley: 13 Digs
Ana Brickley: 2 Kills, 4 Aces, 4 Digs
Ania Dlugosz: 8 Kills, 1 Blocks, 8 Digs
Caitlin Hearn: 2 Kills, 1 Aces, 3 Blocks, 2 Digs
Sierra Hole: 5 Kills, 4 Aces, 4 Blocks, 7 Digs
Caroline McKnight: 1 Kills, 1 Digs
Sydra Timmer: 2 Kills, 3 Aces, 4 Digs
Ellarie Zylman: 4 Kills, 3 Aces, 2 Digs