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MS Volleyball

Season Record 2 - 6


2015 Black Team

Coach Belicia Hernandez comments:

It was a great season with an amazing group of girls!

We finished the season with a 2-6 record. In my opinion, a team record is but a number. If you attended a game or was at our tournament, you could tell that our 8th grade team plays a different game than other school's middle school teams. We use all three hits to make a good play each time we have the ball. We use all our skills during every game and we don't practice "just get the ball over".

Most of the team members can efficiently serve overhand and that's an amazing skill to have in middle school! We have received MANY compliments from refs, parents, opponents and other coaches that our team looked great out there! And it's true, we looked great! Volleyball is a game of mistakes and this team was quick to realize it and shake it off. They are a strong mental group and they are great at working as a team. A positive mindset for a game like volleyball is essential, especially at the middle school age where they need a lot of encouragement not just from parents and fans but from each other and myself! 

It was a great season with an amazing group of girls! Thank you to parents and fans for making it all happen, coming to games and supporting the team throughout the season is important and I highly appreciate that! 


2015 Black Team 

3rd at Conference Tournament

Coach Belicia Hernandez comments:

At the conference tournament on 10/3/15, the girls worked harder than ever. They worked together as a team to conquer wins over teams we lost to before.

A team record is but a number. The Lady Rats fight hard for the ball at all times. They have dug themselves out of a hole in multiple games to make the score just shy of a leading number. They easily pick themselves up, shake it off, and continue to keep their heads in the game. This team is tough and fight for the ball no matter what. They've learned that using all three touches of the ball are important, a pass, set, and hit is the way to go at any level and that's just what they do. These girls are quick to get to the ball, cover tips, get short serves, and short free balls. They are a team of hard work, determination, and strength.

Go Rats!


Middle School Volleyball Season

Reporter: Mariel Vanderschuur


Volleyball is a very fun sport that many girls enjoy playing. I do recommend playing volleyball in the future. It’s a great middle school experience. And even if the season doesn’t go well, the team work, and memories are worth the time. It’s a phenomenal sport.  Girls from the past middle school volleyball season definitely think so. Lucia Piecuch(7th Grade BRPS student) says, “The season went pretty well. But we aren’t perfect. We worked together and learned to do things as a team.”

The girls of the past season would recommend it to almost anyone. Friends, family member, and classmates. Riley Buikema from BRPS says that it’s a great opportunity to get fit and stay in shape. Rebecca Bradley has the same opinion. She says, “I would for sure recommend it to them. It’s fun, easy, and pretty much anyone can learn it. It’s gonna be easy for those who have done pretty much any sport.” And over all, the team did really well. Out of 11 games we won 7. Like Lucia said, no ones perfect. Volleyballs a great opportunity and privilege to have in school.


MS Sports Tryouts

Middle School sports will begin on Monday, August 25. Students will receive information about times once school starts on August 21.


Season Recap

After getting off to a slow start, Middle School girls volleyball ended the season with a bang!  Finishing the season with 6 straight wins was a huge success!  This year’s team was a great mix of girls; some excelled in the front row, some in the back.  Some were versatile enough to play both.  Some girls were sharply focused while others were there to have fun.  A good team needs it all!  We were able to buckle down and work hard to get the win but have a great deal of fun at the same time.
The girls learned the biggest part of middle school volleyball is the serve and return-of-serve.  We worked hard every day on perfecting our serves.  And it showed!  I believe we have the BEST servers in our league!  Congratulations to Kim Birtman for serving 17 in a row in one game to bring us back from an 8-22 deficit!  And also to Halle Tubergen for serving a total of 22 perfect serves in one match.  Consistent serving like that wins the match every time!
The Fruitport Calvary tournament was our last hurrah.  The girls were energized and ready to take home the trophy.  Our only losses of the day were to Holland Calvary; first in pool play and then in the Championship game.  We worked hard but fell just short of the goal.  It was a fun day, mostly due to the team’s attitude and level of enthusiasm.
7th graders – Keep working hard over the next year.  I’ll see you in August!
8th graders – I’m so glad to be a part of your team this year.  You were fun to coach.  Work hard at camps next summer.  Good Luck on the JV team!!!
Congratulations, girls!
-Coach Bader